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Understanding Chargebacks and How Can It Affect Your Business?

Chargebacks are a challenging aspect of online business, providing consumer protection but also impacting merchant profits and operations. Here’s a brief guide on chargebacks, their effects, and how PayGenius can help.

A chargeback is initiated by a cardholder to dispute a transaction they believe is illegitimate, leading to a forced reimbursement by the card issuer. Chargebacks are most common within the first 120 days after a transaction.

How Does a Chargeback Work?

The chargeback process involves several steps:

  • Cardholder disputes a transaction: The cardholder notifies their bank of the disputed transaction.

  • The issuing bank reviews the claim: If valid, the issuing bank sends the claim to PayGenius.

  • PayGenius contacts the merchant: PayGenius notifies the merchant about the claim and the transaction amount debited from their account.

  • Merchant contests the chargeback: The merchant submits evidence to PayGenius within 7-10 days.

  • Final review: PayGenius forwards the evidence to the issuing bank, which reviews it and makes a final decision.

Common Causes of Chargebacks

There are numerous reasons why chargebacks occur, including:

  • Fraudulent transactions

  • Billing errors

  • Non-delivery of goods/services

  • Product/service dissatisfaction

  • Unauthorized charges or duplicate billing

  • Friendly fraud (illegitimate disputes)

Handling Chargebacks Effectively

To handle chargebacks effectively:

  • Preparation: Maintain organized records and understand the reason codes for chargebacks.

  • Dispute Process: Collect and submit compelling evidence, such as sales receipts and delivery confirmations.

  • Third-Party Assistance: Consider using external specialists if in-house resources are insufficient.

How PayGenius Helps Reduce Chargebacks

PayGenius offers several features to help reduce chargebacks:

  • 3D-Secure: Utilizes advanced security measures to identify and mitigate risky transactions while exempting familiar customers.

  • Comprehensive Support: Offers support to manage chargebacks and protect against fraudulent disputes.

Understanding and managing chargebacks is essential for protecting your business. With PayGenius, you can leverage advanced security features and expert support to minimize the impact of chargebacks, ensuring smoother and more secure transactions. Sign up now to optimize your revenue and start accepting online payments today!

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