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Pay in Currency feature

Updated: Jul 1


In our ever-changing global transaction landscape, we’ve introduced a groundbreaking feature called Pay in Currency: clients can now pay in their preferred currency, enhancing their user experience. These clients were previously confined to ZAR payments, a currency that they are not necessarily familiar with. They can now choose to pay in more than 20 major currencies.

We do the leg work of currency conversion and only debits the client for the amount indicated in currency. No more surprises when looking at the bank statement and discovering extra bank fees for the transaction. 


The merchant is still settled in ZAR as per usual.



  1. Visit the Payment Page

  2. Select “Pay in a Different Currency”. The system will automatically present the payment in your home currency.

  3. Select a Currency if you prefer to pay in a different currency (select from a list of more than 20 major currencies).

  4. Complete Your Transaction (Once you’ve chosen your preferred currency, proceed to finalize your transaction, paying in your own currency without any hassle).


Advantages of the Pay in Currency feature

Enhanced Client Experience: Your clients can now pay in their local currency, eliminating the need for them to grapple with exchange rate complexities and additional charges.

Global Reach: Open your business to a broader audience by accommodating clients worldwide, providing familiar payment experience.

Cost Savings: With multi-currency payments, clients can save on exchange rate charges, making transactions more cost-effective.

Better conversion rates: Presented with a payment that makes sense to them, clients tend to complete the transaction quicker.

Empower your business today – embrace the future of payments with PayGenius.


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